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Eimutis Juzeliūnas

Prof. Eimutis JUZELIŪNAS
Marie Curie Fellow of the European Commission
The University of Cambridge (UK)
The University of Texas at Austin (USA)

Prof. Eimutis JUZELIŪNAS has won prestigious research fellowships, grants and awards
from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation (Germany), the American Chemical Society
(USA), the Fulbright programme (USA), the European Commission. He performed projects
at internationally leading institutions in his field of expertise: the University of Cambridge
(UK), the Pennsylvania State University (USA), the Vanderbilt University (USA), the
Dechema e.V. (Germany). He won three long-term Marie Curie grants from the European
Commission. The last one aims to perform a project at the University of Texas at Austin
(USA) and the University of Cambridge (UK). The project links two world-class centres with
top-level scientists. His research field is electrochemical material science with a focus on
industrially important subjects: new materials for solar energy applications, protection of
materials from environmental degradation or reduction of harmful chemical compounds in
atmosphere. E. Juzeliūnas led from 2001 to 2009 the Institute of Chemistry – a state research
organization in Lithuania. As a director, he was responsible for initiation, planning and
execution of R&D projects as well as for management of staff with over 150 co-workers. To
share his experience, E. Juzeliūnas delivers lectures at Vilnius University, supervises PhD
studies at the Centre of Physical Sciences and Technology and presents in conferences
organised in Lithuania. He has been

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