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Kęstutis Sasnauskas

Kęstutis Sasnauskas
Partner and CEO
East Capital

Kęstutis Sasnauskas, a Lithuanian national, is one of the founders of East Capital and is CEO of East Capital Private Equity AB. Mr. Sasnauskas is member of the East Capital Advisory Committee.

Kęstutis Sasnauskas has been instrumental in executing many transactions in the CIS and the Baltic States. He has extensive experience and great expertise in, among others areas, the Baltic and Russian consumer and industrial goods markets, as well as the banking and real-estate sectors. Kestutis previously worked at Enskilda Securities, where he was responsible for Baltic Research and spent a much of his time visiting private and listed companies in the Baltic States.

He has studied at Vilnius University, the University of Gotland, Sweden and Stockholm School of Economics. He is fluent in Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish and English.

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