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Marius Vismantas

Marius Vismantas
Regional Coordinator, Financial Programs
World Bank

Marius Vismantas is currently a Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Project Team Leader and Coordinator of the World Bank’s Financial and Private Sector Development Programs in the East Asia and Pacific Region. Marius’ scope of work includes high-level development policy and project management work in emerging markets, policy-based and investment lending, and technical advisory work with senior financial sector policy makers with core focus on banking sector restructuring, financial crisis response measures and strategy, resilience building, and holistic financial sector development. While at the World Bank, Marius has worked and advised national authorities in a number of countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Macedonia, Albania, Mongolia, and Vietnam.

Throughout his career, Marius has benefited from having strong leaders and mentors around him. He himself has been an active mentor for the past several years, taking every opportunity to support and guide young professionals on their way to career achievements. In spite of being a truly global professional, Marius regularly shares knowledge and experience and provides guidance and counsel within his Lithuanian professional network.

Marius unequivocally bases his leadership and technical approach on the pillars of ethics, integrity, fairness, and knowledge. His current professional creed is directed towards building and advancing long-term visions and implementing strategies in financial sectors (and beyond) through reliance on core principles of prudence, sustainability, duty of care, ethics, and professional integrity, while at the same time influencing, leading, and mentoring people along the way.

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