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Mindaugas Paunksnis

Mindaugas Paunksnis
Columbia University Medical Center

Mindaugas Paunksnis devoted 7 years of his professional career to the Government of Lithuania and Lithuania’s EU accession, from early stage of the process in 1997 to it’s completion. He worked on initiation and implementation of EU membership-related programs and projects at the Ministry of European Affairs, the European Committee under the Government of Lithuania, and chaired the team that established the Lithuanian Development Agency. After completing his MBA in the UK, Mindaugas worked on developing public sector banking at Sampo (now Danske) bank and when he felt it was time to move on, he chose to focus on healthcare sector management and finance in the US. For the last 6 years, Mindaugas has held progressively increasing responsibilities at major healthcare and educational organizations in New York City – New York Presbyterian Hospital and currently, Columbia University, where he is an administrator of a large unit and is focusing on management of grants for healthcare research, and where he has also completed his Master of Public Health degree. What is exciting in this area for Mindaugas, is the opportunity to maximize the use of management and finance skills for the greater good – people’s health, scientific discoveries, treatment of diseases.

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